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Immediate Disaster Recovery Resources for Business in the Dayton Region

BusinessFirst! Provides Resources and Information to Companies, Including Home-Based Businesses, Impacted by Severe Weather and Tornadoes

Dayton, Ohio (May 30, 2019) - If your business has been impacted or disrupted by the recent severe weather and tornadoes, BusinessFirst! will connect you with resources and assistance. Below is a link to various information, including employee assistance, insurance, financing, etc. More information is being added daily to keep local businesses informed to aid in their recovery and help them return to normal operations:

Disaster Recovery:

Area economic development professionals and non-profit organizations are working with companies to provide resources and organize relief efforts, as companies work through damage repairs and business interruptions.

BusinessFirst! was created in 2001 for the Dayton Region (Montgomery, Greene, Preble, Darke and Miami Counties). It offers a single-point of contact for business needs. Over 7,300 businesses in the Greater Dayton Region have been assisted since its inception.

Communities are committed to meet the needs of residents and companies in these trying times. BusinessFirst! was created by communities to effectively meet the needs of their businesses.

We are a resilient community, but our businesses, employees and their families are going through challenging times. Our regional partners are committed at working together to help the community recover.


Montgomery County, Ohio

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