Hiring employees

Are you ready to hire employees? These resources can help. Our first button, Find the right person, provides tools to create job descriptions, links to post jobs, information on hiring tax credits, and tools to determine the market pay rate for specific jobs.

Our next button, Employment Taxes, provides all the forms to become an employer and hire employees. Just after that is a button with more compliance tools and links. These include a New Employee Email to send your New employees all the forms new employees need to complete upon hiring. If you're not ready for a payroll service, you can use the free payroll tax calculator to calculate your employees' paychecks.

What about paying yourself? If you are a corporation, treat yourself as a regular employee. For everyone else, you will find that information and the forms in the Government Requirements section. Select the Business Kit, the correct entity, "Paying Yourself". Our next button, Human Resources Tools is a series of tools you can use for managing your employees. Following is a button with links to local training courses for employees. Then you will find a button for Safety Tools has with many tools to promote a safe work environment.