Employee Training

BBSI provides a wide range of BBSI-Team and BBSI Co-sponsored trainings, including a sample of the following:

    BBSI Team Trainings:
  • Risk and Safety: Forklift Certification (including Train-the-Trainer certification); Chemical Hazards (including the new Global Harmonized System); Construction Safety (over 100 tailgate trainings); Blood-Borne pathogens; Real Estate Agent Safety Practices, and many more . . .
  • Human Resources: Job Description Development (compliance needs, OT status, essential skills, ADA, etc.); Employee Handbook Development (ORST/Fed policy and procedure requirements e.g. drug zero tolerance policy language, harassment, discrimination, employee conduct, etc.); Performance Management Programs (progressive discipline, documentation needs, employee assistance programs; and many more . . .
  • Payroll Administration: Selecting a Time and Attendance System; Employer Tax Remittance Guidelines, Electronic Payroll System Administration, and many more . . .
  • Business Strategic Planning: Creating a Viable Business Plan, Proforma development (financial analysis), Organization Development (reporting relationships, functionality, fiduciary responsibility); and many more . . .

    BBSI Co-Sponsored Trainings:
  • Soul Canyon Training– “Build Your Skills” Series: MS Excel I, II, III, IV; Finance and Budgeting; MS Office and PowerPoint
  • Soul Canyon Training – “Connect to Others” Series: Creating Great Customer Service; Colorful Connections and Personality Assessment; Communication and Conflict; Managing Stress; Mastering Change; Empowering Today’s Women
  • Soul Canyon Training – “Connect to Yourself” Series: Leadership Essentials; Personal Coaching; What’s Your Mission – What’s your VisionCommunication
  • Business Success Solution: Secrets to Enrolling New Clients; Get Paid What Your Worth; Networking Masterclass
  • Strategic Financial Partners: Business Exit and Succession Planning

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