Surviving a Pandemic/Recession

Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Relief Across Downtown program also known as RAD Cards are now available to Patterson residence and qualifying Patterson small businesses. RAD Card purchases get matched dollar for dollar up to $100.00 Making your support for small business go even further. For more information on this exciting opportunity please visit meet the RAD Card at https// and

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), in consultation with the Treasury Department, has announced that the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will reopen the week of January 11, 2021 for new borrows and certain existing PPP borrowers. For more information go to the Sierra Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Surviving a Recession, Recover, and Return

The above three tabs are geared to help your business thrive in tough times. The United States and much of the world are on the edge of a significant recession. Being able to consider how a company might handle such a downturn is a good thing. Smart business owners and managers watch the indicators and prepare for multiple eventualities. It's like the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared."

This section includes links to understanding how a recession is defined and measured. But, the primary emphasis is on what companies can do to minimize the negative impacts of a downturn. Forethought and vigilance are important. Having multiple strategies designed to cope with various scenarios can make a tremendous difference in the survival and prospering of a business.

Creating "What if" scenarios can be done without abandoning your current priorities. It is simply a matter of "Being Prepared."